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The event factory - terms & conditions


the following terms & conditions apply to all event rentals

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the following terms & conditions apply to all events held at The event factory

Terms & Conditions

All Rental Packages Include:

* Normal Lighting Throughout The Facility, Normal Custodial Service, Restrooms Meeting ADA Regulations, Utilities, Event Manager and appropriate staffing during your event.
* All prices exclude tax and are subject to change at any time.
* Special minimum pricing applies for some December dates and certain Holidays. Ask for specific premium dates.

* Minimum pricing for Saturday nights on The Castle Ballroom side is $9,999.00.

* Minimum pricing for Saturday nights on The Swan Ballroom side is $5,999.00.

* Saturday minimums may sometimes be waived for last minute bookings. Ask your sales representative for details.

Payment Options:
* A 50% deposit upon signing with the balance due 30 days prior to the event date, receive a 5% discount.
* Pre-Payment In Full, upon signing more than 30 days prior to event date, receives a 10% discount.
* Extended Payment Plans are available and require a $500.00 deposit to secure your date. The balance may be paid in weekly or monthly amounts until the balance is paid in full up until 30 days prior to the event date. Each late payment will be charged $25.00.
* Payments within 30 days of the event must be by bank check, money order, credit card or cash. (No personal or business checks)


Date Change and Cancellation Policy:

* Date Changes and Cancellations are subject to future date availability and must be made in writing.
* All canceled events will receive a gift certificate for the full amount paid to date, less any applicable fees. The gift certificate will be good for up to two years from the date issued. NO REFUNDS are issued for canceled events.
* Amount paid to date, less any applicable fees, will be applied in full to the new event date package. The package price in effect at the time of the date change will apply to the new contract. This may result in a package price increase.
No refunds will apply if a smaller package is booked.
* Date changes and Cancellations made within 90 days of your event date are subject to a 25% fee of the original package price. Date changes and Cancellations made within 30 days of your event date are subject to a 50% fee of the original package price.
* Only one date change is permitted without a penalty.  Additional date changes are subject to a 25% fee of the original package price.
* Gift certificates are issued to the individual(s) who have paid the money to date and are transferable. Transfers must be made in person with the original gift certificate.
* Gift certificates may only be used to re-book an event or photo season package at the package price in effect at the time the event is rescheduled.
* Gift certificates are not good for merchandise from the Boutique.


Alcoholic Beverage Services:
* You have two options when providing alcoholic beverages to your guests.
* Both require you to furnish your own ice and coolers(s) for the chilling of beverages, any drinking cups and the appropriate mixers.

* Alcohol may NOT be served for more than 4 contiguous hours during a 6 hour event & 3 contiguous hours during a 5 hour event.
* Drinks may only be distributed by plastic cups from the bar. No glass bottles or cans are allowed away from the bar.
* Guests will be asked to provide photo ID showing they are of legal drinking age.
* ALL events serving alcohol must provide security by hiring one guard per 200 guests.
* Bar-tending and security services must be contracted to companies featured on our vendor list.

* Weddings and other events attended by 90% or more adults of 21 years of age may serve 2 alcoholic drinks to a adult of legal drinking age per trip to the bar. Quince's, Sweet 16's and other events with more than 10% minors in attendance may serve only one alcoholic drink per visit to the bar.

Option #1:

You may bring in your own beer, wine, champagne or liquor and hire a bartender from a licensed bar-tending company that carries complete liquor liability insurance from our vendor list. The chosen company from our vendor list must provide all proof of insurance directly to The Event Factory, prior to the event. Those on our list should have that on file and in current standing so that all you need to do is contract with them.

Option #2:

Alcoholic beverages & bar-tending service may be provided by a licensed Alcoholic Beverage Service company from our vendor list. These companies can provide full open alcoholic bars and cash bars (with special permitting) according to your needs. Please contact them directly for additional information.


Damage Deposit:
* A $500.00 Damage Deposit will be due 30 days prior to the event date. This Damage Deposit is to cover any damages caused to the facility, or property within the facility, during your event. Check will be returned after any balances are settled.
* This deposit must be paid by check and will not be processed unless damage occurs during your event or an unpaid balance for services rendered remains after your event.


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